Saints Row: The Third has Online Pass restrictions

Thinking of grabbing a used copy on the cheap? Think again...

You'll no doubt be thrilled to know that THQ has slapped Online Pass restrictions into Saints Row: The Third.


If you were considering holding off the purchase in wait for a cheaper used copy you'll have to make do without the game's online co-op mode or fork out for another Online Pass code.

Online Pass is, for those unaware, a single-use code that comes with new copies of specific titles. This code must be entered to play the game's online modes, meaning anyone who should buy a used copy also has to pay for an Online Pass code for online play - usually for around $10 or six quid.

Keeping up with all the latest trends (love them or not), THQ is also offering a DLC Season Pass which, for $20, gets you the first four DLC packs for 15 percent less than buying them separately after you know what you're paying for.

Isn't that special?

[ SOURCE: Joystiq ]