Skyrim patch inbound for all platforms

"Calm down. We're working on it"

A patch addressing issues for all versions of RPG stunner Skyrim (read the Skyrim guide) is coming soon, publisher Bethesda has confirmed.


Speaking on his Twitter account, Bethesda VP of PR and marketing, Pete Hines tweeted: "As I said yesterday, we are continuing to work on an update for all platforms to address issues any bugs and perf issues we can."

There is no word on a release timeframe yet, but Hines was quick to acknowledge fans' concerns. "Patches/updates take a little time," he wrote in response to one impatient gamer. "We can't turn it around quite that fast. It's been three days. Calm down. We're working on it."

We assume the patch will fix such problems as the which occur when the game is installed to the hard drive.

While we hope Bethesda sorts out the more game-breaking glitches soon, we're sort of hoping they don't fix any of these brilliant glitches that have been discovered.

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