Skyrim PS3 players report crippling lag

Choppy gameplay apparently linked to the size of save files

It is being widely reported that PS3 Skyrim players are running into severe lag when their game save files exceed 5-6MB on their console's hard-drive.


Multiple users have been flagging up the issue on Bethesda's forums, while out pals at Official PlayStation Magazine UK have also run into problems over the last few days.

Players are citing unplayable lag, and not being able to interact with NPCs or complete quests once stored save data surpasses a certain level. Have you had any similar problems?

OPM UK editor Tim Clark said: "I first started encountering serious lag at around the 25-hour mark, and since then it's been the same: I boot up, play for an hour or so, then the framerate gets choppier until I ultimately need to restart the PS3. I'd actually already noticed that the file was creeping up in size every time I saved."

According to Tim, restarting your machine appears to fix the lag (although seemingly only for an hour or so), while turning off the auto save feature also helps. "It's frustrating though," he added, "I'm bonkers for the game and don't want the experience soured by it turning into a flickbook. Bethesda surely have to patch it with a fix."

Bethesda said earlier this week that a patch addressing issues for all versions of the RPG stunner is coming soon. Skyrim guide am go.

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