'It p***** me off how easy kids have it with games these days'

Mailbox: Do you appreciate what you have?

On last week's mailbox Paul Cadogan e-mailed in to say he feels like the PlayStation Vita may be doomed from the outset thanks to Sony's pricing decisions.


This week we've got Rob Roemer, telling everyone to get off his lawn and asking if 'kids' these days appreciate how good they've got it.

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Hit us with some anger Rob.

It p***** me off how damn easy kids have it these days. With their photo-realistic quality graphics, perfectly reproduced sounds in theatre-quality stereo, incredibly realistic gameplay and whatnot - do these spoilt brats know what WE had to go through at that age?

For instance, having to figure out what jumbled mass of pixels on-screen is even supposed to be your character? Could it be a racing car or a police baton? Every sprite looked like a police baton! Deciding that you would improve a game for the Atari 2600 by writing a program in BASIC on your VIC-20 only to get ten lines in and be greeted with a cold, remorseless "OUT OF MEMORY" error code?

Or, having to wait up to 45 minutes for a game to load on cassette only to realise the C64's datasette wasn't aligned properly? Then, needing to drag your dad up out of bed on Sunday morning for him to get the right tool to help fix it only to realise it wasn't Double Dragon but a second-rate version of Frogger? DO YOU KNOW HOW THAT FEELS? Of course you don't, oh no.

You kids these days simply have it all too easy with your Half-Lifes and your Halos and whatnot.

Games Master says: Woah, Rob. Easy. Eeeeasy. It'll be okay buddy. Don't forget, this was a time before Justin Bieber, when a pint cost £1.50, Curly Wurlys were about a foot longer, you could fill up your car with petrol for less than a tenner and pornography grew under bushes in the park. Best of all, you couldn't get teabagged by a seven-year-old in LA telling you how fat your mother is while playing Ikari Warriors...

CVG says: In defence of the 'kids', new games cost between £40-50, it can't be that easy.