15 essential tips to conquer Skyrim

Craft Skyrim's best armour in two hours and more

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8. How to find skill books easily

Just because you don't want to read Skyrim's massive selection of books doesn't mean you should ignore them. Certain books give you a skill boost related to their contents - a book about armour crafting, for example, might boost your heavy armour stats. You don't have to painstakingly read every book you see, though - scan over them and look at their values. If they're over 100, chances are they'll give you a boost. Any less and they're just plain ol' books.


9. How to find the Mace of Molag Bal

Travel to Markarth and head up the street to your right until you see a guard in an argument with someone. Agree to help him investigate the nearby abandoned house, and you'll begin the 'House of Horrors' quest.


Complete it and you'll receive a powerful enchanted mace that drains enemies' stamina and magicka. The earlier you get this the better, as it's incredibly powerful.

10. How to use the right magic at the right time

Each magic type in the destruction school has a different effect. Fire is pure, raw damage, and more powerful flame spells will set other enemies in their blast radius ablaze.

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Shock magic deals similar damage, but will also drain an enemy's magicka. Good for when you're fighting against mages and the like. Finally, frost damage drains stamina and will slow an enemy down.

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