15 essential tips to conquer Skyrim

Craft Skyrim's best armour in two hours and more

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14. How to get blessed

Blessings offer some really good bonuses, so it's always good to have the gods on your side. Every city has a temple devoted to one, or a few, of the Nine Divines. Each one offers a different effect: Arkay, for example, grants you a health boost. To get blessed, find their shrine and 'activate' it with the action button.

This will also cure any diseases you have, including pre-transformation vampirism. Another way to get blessed is to give gold to the poor. This grants you a speechcraft boost (and a smug feeling of superiority).

15. How to master enchanting

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Whenever you find an enchanted weapon - one with a status effect, like 'Orcish Sword of Flame' or 'Dwarven Sword of Leeching', don't sell it if you don't plan to use it. Instead, find an arcane enchanter table and disenchant the object. This will let you learn its effects and apply it to standard weapons (providing you have a filled soul gem). The benefit here is that your enchanting will level up rapidly and you can sell the magic items for a pretty penny.

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