PC pirates outnumber legitimate users 100-to-3

"piracy is an extremely widespread problem on PC," says Bohemia Interactive

According to Marek paněl, CEO of Arma developer Bohemia Interactive, there are 100 pirates to every three legitimate users in PC gaming.


This is according to data the PC developer pulled from a new anti-piracy system it uses that gradually degrades the quality of a pirated game, doing things like blurring the graphics over time or reducing the accuracy of weapons.

But is it abolishing piracy? It seems unlikely as paněl explained to PC Gamer:"Our statistics from multiplayer show that for every three legitimate buyers playing their game in multiplayer, there are 100 (failed) attempts to play with a pirated version."

He went on: "This indicates that piracy is an extremely widespread problem on PC, and it's also really worrying for us as a mid-sized, independent, PC-oriented developer. We do not have any such data for single-player, but I'm afraid there the ratio of pirates to legitimate gamers is undoubtedly much worse."

[ SOURCE: PC Gamer ]