'Grand Theft Auto V needs to take a leaf out of Saints Row's book'

Mailbox: Why so serious?

On last week's mailbox Rob Roemer got into contact to tell everyone to get off his lawn and ask if 'kids' these days appreciate how good they've got it.

This week Mac Spain advises Rockstar to take a few lessons from Volitions Saint's Row series during the development of Grand Theft Auto V.

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Take it away Mac.

Grand Theft Auto V needs to take a leaf out of Saints Row's book and stop taking itself so seriously. The vast majority of people I've spoken to say Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has been their favourite in the series. If Rockstar extract its arcadey feel but update it with PS3 visuals and more forgiving gameplay, Rockstar could be looking at a Game of the Year.


PSM3 says: It's an interesting point, isn't it? For many, GTAIV was po-faced, and even though The Ballad of Gay Tony DLC brought back some of the series' mania, for many it wasn't enough. Rockstar seem increasingly interested in stories and social issues, and those obviously sit uncomfortably alongside knob gags and comedy shops.

But is story really why people play GTA? Rockstar's own stats say less than 10% finished the campaign. However, while Saints Row monopolises gleeful idiocy, Rockstar seem very unlikely to dilute their vision to counter a potential rival.

CVG says: We don't see this happening much, sure there might be a few cheeky missions here and there but for the most part we're guessing Rockstar will play it straight-faced.

Saints Row has all the irreverant open-world gameplay shenanigans anyone could ever want, Rockstar is likely to be more than content with sticking to a serious tone and clever, insightful parody.