Bulletstorm dev to make Gears of War prequel trilogy?

OXM rumour section also says next Xbox reveal unlikely to occur at E3 2012

People Can Fly could assume development duties on future Gears of War titles, according to the rumour section in the latest issue of the US Official Xbox Magazine.


"Gears of War will live on, of course, but in what form?" the mag's holiday 2011 issue says, before looking into its crystal ball and predicting "a prequel trilogy developed by Epic-owned People Can Fly (Bulletstorm) as a likely scenario".

Epic itself is currently working on prequel content for the Gears trilogy. Set to be released next month as Gears 3's first campaign DLC, RAAM's Shadow will drop players into the events of Sera post-Emergence Day, as Zeta Squad is enlisted to evacuate Ilima City and protect the citizens against a Locust Kryll storm.

In addition to fighting as a new squad of Gears, players will get to step into the boots of General RAAM, the fearsome Locust leader killed at the end of the original game. Could Epic be testing gamers' appetites with a view to making a full-blown prequel?

OXM also says it isn't buying recent rumours about an imminent Xbox 720 reveal. "Will the next Xbox be revealed at E3 2012 as some have predicted? Not likely, reveals The Ball."

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