Nintendo shows real-life Mario Karts at LA Auto Show 2011 - video

West Coast Customs builds Mario's machines for the show

You'll probably have seen silly people in Mario costumes driving around in real go-karts throwing around bananas for a laugh. They fail. This wins.


Nintendo had LA-based car modding garage West Coast Customs, famed for its popular TV show, build life-size replicas of Mario's wacky vehicles.

They were unveiled as part of Nintendo's Mario Kart 7 showing at the currently-underway LA Auto Show 2011.

Below is a video of the karts' unveiling, along with a few words from the one and only NOA boss Reggie Fils-Aime, courtesy of Gadgetwear.

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Japan's respected Famitsu magazine has slapped a 37/40 score on the end of its Mario Kart 7 review. More of their verdict through that link.