Kojima's Project Ogre will be 'a subdued experience'

"It's a little bit different to what I've done up until now"

Project Ogre, Hideo Kojima's secret in development project, will offer "a very subdued experience", the Metal Gear Solid creator has told our pals at Official PlayStation Magazine UK.


"I can't really say too much about that project yet," he said, before elaborating just a touch. "It's a little bit different to what I've done up until now.

"On the surface it will look similar, but once you get into it, it will be a different experience - and I'm hoping people look forward to that."

Don't expect to see it any time soon, though.

"The Ogre project is going to take a lot of time," Kojima added, "so I want to produce some other things on the side, like I'm doing with Rising. So while I'm working on Ogre there might be a couple of other projects going on at the same time."

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Elsewhere in OPM's interview, Kojima said his studio will "probably have to make" Metal Gear Solid 5 "at some point".