Kinect 2 will reportedly be able to lip read

Significantly upgraded motion control tech expected to come with future Xbox consoles

Microsoft is to release a second generation Kinect device that's advanced enough to lip read.


That's according to Eurogamer, which claims Kinect 2 will come bundled with future Xbox consoles.

As well as improved motion sensing and voice recognition, a development source told the site that the new Kinect will be able to measure different emotional states by tracking the pitch and volume of users' voices and facial characteristics.

A report claimed last week that Microsoft is likely to pursue a two SKU strategy for its next Xbox console.

It said the company will offer a "pared down system to be released as cheaply as possible" and a high-end model, both of which are expected to arrive with significantly upgraded Kinect devices.

Microsoft said earlier this month that Kinect for Windows, the official and commercial development tool kit, will be released in early 2012.

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[ SOURCE: Eurogamer ]