Resident Evil 6 appears on CV - how long until a reveal?

Man lists sequel, we get impatient

Voice actor Joe Cappelletti has listed - and since removed - Resident Evil 6 as an on-going project on his online CV.


Cappelletti, who voiced the Cocoon Inhabitants in Final Fantasy XIII, also lists Steel Battalion (presumably Heavy Armor for Kinect) and Combat Wings as other titles he's working on, though the removal of Resident Evil is more than a bit suspicious (as if it was a secret in the first place).

Capcom producer Masachika Kawata stated earlier this year that the next entry in the Resident Evil series will see a complete franchise overhaul. "The series will see a complete renovation with the next entry on every level," he offered.

An anonymous source then claimed that Capcom will "go back to its roots" with the new game and "will be, by far, the most gruesome Resident Evil game to date".

Can you just announce it already, Capcom?

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[ SOURCE: Siliconera ]