EA working on Army of Four, report claims

Will use DICE's Frostbite 2 engine

The third game in EA's Army of Two series will be Army of Four.


That's according to an unnamed Kotaku tipster, who claims the game will feature four-player co-op.

Third-person co-operative shooter Army of 2 made its debut in 2008 and was followed up two years later with Army of Two: The 40th Day.

The source claims Army of Four is being developed at EA Montreal using the Frostbite 2 game engine, the same tech that powered Battlefield 3.

The mysterious tipster also suggests development has been somewhat troubled, and that EA may bring in troops from DICE to lend EA Montreal a hand.

It was rumoured yesterday that EA plans to create a first-person shooter and a flight game set in the Dead Space universe.

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[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]