3DS tops year 1 American DS sales in 8 months

Handheld shifts over 2.37 million in the US

3DS has sold more units in the US in its first eight months than the original DS managed in a year.


That's according to Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime, who told Time that the company's latest handheld has been seeing "positive momentum since the digital content came onboard with the eShop, the launch of Ocarina of Time and obviously the price reduction".

The exec went on to say: "In sales through this past Saturday - 8 months - it has outsold the full 12 months of the original DS. During that 12 months time, the original DS sold 2.37 million and we just surpassed that this past Saturday, so we've got real good momentum going into the holidays."

While 3DS has arguably focused on the core crowd this year, Nintendo will look to broaden the system's audience base with a range of casual-focused titles set to be showcased at E3 2012.

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[ SOURCE: Time ]