Full Skyrim dev tools out next month

And a new update coming next week

Bethesda has rapid-fired a trio of Skyrim announcements today, primarily confirming the release of the game's full dev tools in January.


"Beginning in January, PC players will be able to download for free the same development tools we used at Bethesda Game Studios to create Skyrim," said the developer on its blog today.

And if you haven't the foggiest how to use them, it's okay: "In tandem with the Creation Kit's release, we will roll out a new Wiki and videos to help you get started," it added.

Titled the Creation Kit, the tools will also integrate Steam Workshop, which will allow you to publish your creations to the Workshorp for others to download for free.

Bethesda's also hard at work on more bug-squashing updates, one of which will be released next week - starting with the PC version. "Among other things, the update will fix issues like magic resistance not calculating properly and the rare, amazing backwards flying dragon. Once the update is released, we'll share the full release notes," says the dev.

"After the holidays, we'll continue to release regular updates for the game - through full title updates, as well as incremental "gameplay updates" to fix whatever issues come up along with rebalancing portions of the game for difficulty or exploits. We plan on having a lot of these, not just a few."

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[ SOURCE: Bethesda Blog ]