Mario Kart 7: Is snaking about to ruin our online fun?

Player supposedly discovers long-problematic exploit

A YouTube video has appeared showing what looks to be the infamous Mario Kart 'snaking' exploit in its latest 3DS instalment, Mario Kart 7.

For those that have managed to remain blissfully unaware of the travesty that is snaking here's an explanation:

Snaking uses the mini-turbo ability in succession to 'snake' along the track, making it extremely difficult for players behind you slip past and allowing the snaker to maintain high speeds. As those who played it will attest, online snaking virtually killed off any competition in Mario Kart DS' online mode.

In the video (which you can see below) a player seems to have found a way to use turbo boosts on straights in Mario Kart 7 in a similar way.

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Although it doesn't look quite as effective as the snaking in Mario Kart DS, it could still have a big impact on Mario Kart 7 online play.

What say you, Karters?