The 5 best console launch games ever

Games we bought consoles for...

We've all heard the rumours and reports of the next-generation consoles hitting sometime within the next few years.

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo can try to wow us by telling us their new consoles will be able to make us waffles, wipe our arses and whatever fix the o-zone layer but what want to hear about is games. Titles that make us want to run out and buy the console with utter disregard for our financial standing. Experiences that offer genuinely something fresh that we can't find on our current platforms.

Over the years there have been a fair few games that have done this well, here's our list of a few launch games that did just that. Let us know your personal favourite launch games in the comments below.

Super Mario 64 - N64


To this day, Super Mario 64 is regarded as one of the best games of all time. It still regularly places high on 'Best games ever made' lists and some developers consider it a bible in video game design.

Super Mario 64 was one of the first 3D platform games, the development team spent a lot of time working on Mario's movement - testing and refining his animation to get it perfect. And it is perfect. Few games have matched the sheer joy of movement that felt in Super Mario 64.

Somehow Nintendo also managed to cram the cartridge full of content, there are so many worlds and ideas in the game that it's easy to feel almost overwhelmed at the wealth of content on offer. And none of it sucks. It's all brilliant and it's all tremendous fun to play.

The biggest criticism reviewers had was with the camera, which they claimed didn't work as well as it should and definitely takes some getting used to. In a re-review a decade after release, one even said that the camera "would almost be considered broken" by modern day standards, but back then they were a small niggle in an otherwise superb game.

The game isn't considered a masterpiece in games design for nothing. Super Mario 64 is essentially the game that sold the N64 at launch, and years after it.

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