Final Fantasy XIII-3 domain is 'just in case'

Square brushes off speculation of another sequel in the pipeline

Seeking to calm rumours, Square Enix has said it registered a Final Fantasy XIII-3 domain as nothing more than a precautionary measure.


The domain was discovered by internet domain hawks a few months back, sparking rumours that Square already had plans for a third game in the 'XIII' line of FF games, before the second had even launched.

Amusing story; these rumours apparently made their way to voice actress Asuka Nishi, who promptly called Square Japan's public relations agent Akio Ofuji to ask for a voice role in the new game.

But these same internet reports were also the first Ofuji heard of the game. It turns out, as Ofuji has now explained, Square Enix' American arm decided to register the domain unbeknownst to Square Japan.

See what a global kerfuffle as small mishap in communication can cause?
As for FFXIII-3? Don't hold your breath.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]