Vita won't allow web browsing while gaming

No background browsing while a game is running

How handy would it be to pause a game, flick over to an online guide, get the help you need and flick right back into the game all on the same screen? Soz future Vita owners, it won't let you do that.


According to Media report, despite the Vita's ample power the little handheld won't allow users to run the web browser while a game remains active in the background.

Just like on PS3, hitting the PS button while gaming will bring up the console menu, from which you'll be able to access a numb of features including friends lists, music and even Twitter, but unfortunately not the web browser.

The site also says that while the Vita will be accessible as a storage device when plugged into a PS3 or PC (via a special program for the latter), Mac users will have to wait a while for the required software to communicate with the handheld.

Nitpicking for nitpicking's sake. As long as you have Uncharted: Golden Abyss in the cart slot you should be all good in the hood. Or whatever.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]