Final Fantasy XIII-2 gets perfect Famitsu review score

Critics say the game fixes the issues the original had

Famitsu has awarded Final Fantasy XIII-2 a perfect 40/40 score in the magazine's world first review.


Each of the game's four reviewers gave the game a 10, noting that it fixes the issues the original had and that there is a tonne of content on offer, Andriasang reports.

Back in 2009, Famitsu gave Final Fantasy XIII three 10s and a 9.

It's the magazine's third perfect score of the year following full marks dished out to Zelda Skyward Sword and Elder Scrolls Skyrim.

Publisher Square Enix released a new 'Environments' trailer for Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer today, which you can see here.

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[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]