My favourite Christmas game: Kudo Tsunoda

"We wished we could have the holiday fun without the 24-hour car ride"

Welcome to the second instalment of our new Christmas feature, which sees some of gaming's biggest design celebs get on their CVG soapbox and get all festive.


We asked the creators behind some of 2011's top titles to share their favourite ever Christmas game memories - and some of them even got back to us.

Following Cliff Bleszinski's Mega Drive / Genesis memories, today Microsoft's Kinect lead Kudo Tsunoda shares his passion for a title released a bit more recently.

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"When I was a kid, we had a family tradition every year around the holidays of going to Disneyland or Disneyworld.

"From the outside, this might sound like a great way to spend your holidays as a kid! But since we lived in NYC, in reality this often meant a seriously long car drive to Florida.

"And since there were six kids in my family, it was not a comfortable car ride for sure. It was 24 hours packed in a five seat car piled on top of each other with the relentless "would you stop touching me" fights going on.

"We wished we could have the fun of our trip to Disney without the car ride."

"But despite all of the horror memories of the drives, the fun we would have each year when we finally got to Disneyworld made it more than worth it. It was a very familiar topic of conversation on the drive home how much we wished we could have the holiday fun of our trip to Disney without the smelly, cramped, fight-filled 24 hour car ride.

"So my favorite game of the holiday has to be Kinect Disneyland Adventures. It is a 100% faithful recreation of the entire park and all of my favorite attractions as a kid.

"Instead of having to go to Disneyland this holiday, Disneyland can be brought to your home for your family to unwrap this holiday season. It is an experience that the whole family can enjoy and reminds me of all our great family trips while I was growing up - without having to endure the wet willy battles. ;e)"

Kinect Disneyland Adventures is out now on Xbox 360.

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