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Halo Reach Anniversary Map Pack

The great original Halo maps for Reach multiplayer

Those of you that bought Halo Anniversary know it comes with Reach's multiplayer and remastered versions of some of the best maps from Halo's history.

Those that didn't might be wondering if they can get hold of them. You can, but they'll cost you 1200 MSP.


The Anniversary Map Pack contains Battle Canyon, Penance, High Noon, Ridgeline, Solitary and Breakneck from Halo Combat Evolved, plus Forge variations similar to maps from Halo 2. There's also a Firefight map, Installation 04, based on the iconic mission 'Halo' from Combat Evolved.

One of the most notable features of Installation 04 is that it contains friendly AI. A squad of ODSTs help you in both solo and co-op, and it's the first time we've had such a thing in a Firefight map (Certain Affinity, co-creators of the pack, had been planning to include this feature in their Unearthed map, but ran out of time).

Also keep your eyes open for a cameo appearance by 343 Guilty Spark - find him in the area where the Marines hide in the campaign.

The remastered versions look beautiful in the Reach engine, and while the main maps have been optimised for Reach's gameplay, the Forge variations are identical for the full vintage Halo experience.
You could probably save coin by picking up Halo Anniversary when the price drops - but new and it comes with a redeem code.


There's no denying the quality of these maps. The Firefight level is superb and the multiplayer levels are design classics. The only downside is the cost, which is as much as some full games. n

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The verdict

The mix of original and modernised classics is attractive, but the price is pretty hefty. Wait for Halo Anniversary to get cheap from new

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