New trailer shows Vita and PS3 cross platform play

Play games on the big screen at home and continue them on the go with your portable

Sony has launched a new Vita trailer showing off cross platform play with PS3.

Owners of both systems will be able to play PS3 games on Vita via Remote Play and Vita games on PS3. Vita and PS3 players can even go head to head, as the movie shows.

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SCE Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida used his keynote address at last year's Tokyo Game Show to demonstrate Vita's Remote Play functionality. He showed off Killzone 3 being played remotely with Vita as the controller. While the new handheld doesn't offer all of the PS3 pad's buttons, the game makes use of the portable's rear touch panel.

A recent unconfirmed report claimed all PS3 games will eventually be playable on Vita via Remote Play following a future PS3 firmware update.