Max Payne 3 'Gang Wars' multiplayer details

Context-based rounds bring innovative twist to multiplayer

How do you add a sense of narrative to multiplayer? Rockstar knows Max Payne is all about story, and its new 'Gang Wars' multiplayer mode for Max Payne 3 could be the answer.


According to an IGN report, Gang Wars has players face off in a series of seemingly changing, adaptive events. It examples that a match could begin at the point when a drug deal goes bad and one team is task with a capture-the-flag-style objective of grabbing bags off cash to carry back to a designated safe spot.

The real innovation comes in the next round. Instead of teams simply swapping roles and playing the same scenario again, it creates another scenario based on the events of the first round, adding a continuity and story element to a series of multiplayer games.

So, the report describes, the most dominant player in the first round could have a bounty placed on his head in the second which, we assume, would make him the objective for the other team. Or you might be tasked with grabbing territory from the other team in a scenario that sounds like King of the Hill (Halo).

Then in the next round you might be made to defuse bombs in your newly-acquired land. The variety of objectives encourage different styles of play, from 'ruthless individualism' to well-organised team play. This also stops one team from dominating another.

Objectives and the tasks of players are conveyed using voice commentary from Max and comic strips - just like the single-player game.

IGN also describes a perks system called 'Bursts'. These Bursts include not only the signature Bullet Time mode, but other cool enhancements.

One called Paranoia makes the opposition see their team mates as enemies. These Bursts are upgraded the longer you wait to use them. Paranoia will, at its most effective, allow for friendly fire for the other team.

This all sounds very interesting indeed, and a game-changer if Rockstar can pull it off. Read the full thing through the source link.

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