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The best in gaming in the week before Xmas

Need some deeper reading about some of the great games stuff you've encountered on CVG, well look no further as we have a host of splendid stablemates producing quality features, insightful pieces and general goodness on this thing we call gaming. Here's what they've been up to this week.

Games Radar

Stop your delusional whining: Platinum's Metal Gear Rising is the best thing that could have happened

9 video game objects that would make better Christmas presents than the crap you'll actually get

GamesRadar UK Podcast 003 - Elephant Noises

Official Nintendo Magazine

Best 3DS Ambassador GBA games

Aonuma: Future Zelda games will use Skyward Sword controls

New Pokemon game to be announced next month

Official PlayStation Magazine

55 new Metal Gear Rising Screens

22 screens of Naughty Dog's fungus zombie adventure The Last Of Us

Hitman: Absolution gets a trailer breakdown with new screens and an analysis

Official Xbox 360 Magazine

Aliens: Colonial Marines: Gearbox gets xenophobic

Binary Domain: squad shooting's tomorrow, played for laughs

Ridge Racer Unbounded: head-on hands-on with Namco's reboot

PC Gamer

In preparation for their Star Wars: The Old Republic review, PC Gamer are spending a lot of time wielding lightsabers and blasters. Bioware's MMO is extremely moreish.

PC Gamer's Ultimate Christmas Giveaway is in full flow - 12 days of incredible prizes await.

There's controversy surrounding The Witcher 2's DRM. Could CD Projekt RED be on track to defeating piracy?