Valve details Team Fortress 2 'Australian Christmas' update

New items, maps, bonkers stuff

Valve's announced its second annual festive-themed Team Fortress 2 "Australian Christmas" update.


The update features two "Dr. Grordbort" class packs for the Engineer and Pyro, designed by Weta Workshop's Greg Broadmore, and 14 new Christmas-themed weapons, hats and cosmetic items created by the TF community.

"CP_Foundry," a new five-cap control point map designed by Valve's TF2 team, comes with 12 map-specific achievements.

As part of the holiday celebration, over 50 items in the Mann Co. in-game store will be on sale for up to 75% until January 2, 2012, says Valve. Additionally, the in-game item drop rate will be doubled for the first week of the event.

For more information on the update visit the official TF2 site.