StarDrone Extreme is Vita launch title - trailer

New gameplay footage shows off unique score attack game

Slap StarDrone Extreme on your list of launch titles for the Vita come the EU and US release on February 22.


Confirmation came from developer Beatshapers, who has also put out a new gameplay trailer today, embedded below.

If you've not played the already-released PS3 version, The developer describes the game: "Players pilot their Drones across the galaxy, collecting pieces of Equilibrix in order to restore the equilibrium of the universe and stop the evil G-Noids from taking over.

"However, this journey requires much more than star-gazing, as your Drone is constantly in motion and the more stellar matter you collect, the faster it will travel until you are moving at the speed of light. Along the way, key power-ups will earn you more points that will ultimately let you compete against the world on the StarDrone leaderboards."

Here's the trailer:

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[ SOURCE: Shacknews ]