Skyrim mod adds online co-op play

Your prayers answered

We wander out into the open fields of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's enormous world and we think to ourselves: "Isn't this all very lonely?"

But someone with the ninja modding skills that we lack has sought to fix that. Skyrim Online is a mod that adds online co-op functionality to the game, and even supports voice chat.

The mod is in Alpha stages of development, so it's a bit rough around the edges - other players appear in your world as naked prisoners with no animations - but for a mod that sounds too good to be true it's good to see it working.

If you want a bunch of stick men hovering around in your game (see the video below), you can install the alpha version. Read the instructions carefully though. It could get messy.

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Bethesda has confirmed it's shipped ten million units of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim worldwide.

[ SOURCE: Via ShackNews ]