20 unmissable games from 2011

Games you should make it a point to play...

Has there ever been anything like it? There have arguably been more huge titles released in the last 12 months than during any other window in history, and it's made for a corking - not to mention expensive - year for gamers.

We've seen remakes and sequels smash our expectations into the stratosphere, while new IP has appeared out of nowhere to steal our hearts.

New instalments of pretty much every major series going nearly wore our thumbs down to the bone, and yet there was STILL time to announce more great games and some new consoles too.

So before we turn our eyes onto 2012's upcoming embarrassment of riches (Mass Effect 3, BioShock Infinite, Halo 4 and many more!)
it's time to celebrate a truly unforgettable chapter of gaming.

We've put together a list of 20 games release in 2011 that should not be missed. If you find there are any games on this list you haven't played, we recommend firing up your nearest internet browser or heading to your local retailer and picking these up. They're unmissable.

Okamiden - Nintendo DS


The long-awaited Okami sequel takes the DS to new interactive highs as the stylus becomes the Celestial Brush. Criminally overlooked, we reckon.

Uncharted 3: Drake's Fortune - PS3


More of the same for Nathan's third excursion - but given that Uncharted 2 was sublime, this is exactly what we wanted. Uncharted's cinematics have always been a cut above, and Drake's return brings with it some of the finest acting we've ever seen in digital form

L.A. Noire


The moody LA detective-'em-up drags the point-'n'-click into this generation by its lapels, roughs it up a little and dumps it in a staggeringly accurate sandbox. Truth, doubt, or lie? Truth all the way!
Rockstar's amazing MotionScan technology set a whole new standard for facial modelling.

Dead Space 2


Dead Space 2 kicked off the year with a heart-pounding, underwear ruining jaunt through an alien-infested city so unsettling it really made us get scared of our own shadows. The most terrifying beginning of 2011 sees Isaac - helplessly trapped in a straitjacket - sprinting through a Necromorph- riddled hospital with salivating mutants hot on his tail. Aaaargh!

Little Big Planet 2


How do you top a game where you build your own levels? By creating one where you can build your own games! LBP 2 offers game modding for the masses, supported by one of the most vibrant and creative console communities ever.

Total War: Shogun 2 - PC


The ultimate in strategy game refinement, Shogun 2 takes everything that's great about the Total War franchise and improves it... and improves it... and improves it... and, well, you get the picture!



Epic's epically epic blaster proves that there's still plenty of room in the first person shooter genre for innovation. It isn't just about getting kills: it's all about getting stylish, disgusting kills. And swearing loads while you do.

Xenoblade Chronicles - Nintendo Wii


Wii games are coming thin and slow now, but clearly Nintendo have been saving the best 'til last. Xenoblade Chronicles bowled us over when its surprise localisation gave the lovely, sprawling Japanese role-playing game to the West.

Battlefield 3


The single-player mode divides opinion, but its multiplayer option - particularly on PC- is a masterclass in how to make the complete online game.

War has certainly never looked as good as it does in Battlefield 3. We're not sure if even real life has the visual fidelity to match it...

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3


Controversial content can't stop Modern Warfare 3 from being the go-to shooter of the year. Despite all of Infinity Ward's internal reshuffling, there's barely a blemish to be found.

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