LA Noire set for PSN release, but will it cost £50?

Trine 2 and Sonic CD also available this week

Sony has confirmed that Rockstar's crime thriller LA Noire will be available for download on PSN later this week.


There are no details on pricing as yet, but we imagine it will be around the typical, massive PSN price of £49.99 (as was the same with Need for Speed: The Run last week).

Along with LA Noire, Trine 2 and Sonic CD will also hit PSN this week.

LA Noire: The Complete Edition released on PC last month, six months after the console versions hit the market. LA Noire is also available for OnLive.

Team Bondi faced financial troubles after the game released, and a liquidator was appointed to wind up the business in October. We reported last month that Team Bondi's creditors were owed £900k following the news that the developer was to close.

[ SOURCE: PlayStation Blog ]