PS Vita freezes, touch screen problems reported

YouTube videos show system lock-ups, non-responsive touch controls

Sony released PS Vita in Japan this weekend and, like any hardware launch, it was never likely to go completely smoothly.


While there's no real way of telling how widespread early Vita issues are, videos are cropping up online seemingly showing consoles freezing, as well as non-responsive touch screens.

According to Kotaku, one Japanese journalist has reported that, when the system freezes, the hardware will not power down. Holding down the power button for an extended period, as suggested on Sony's PS Vita help page, appears to fix this, but that hasn't stopped the issue repeatedly occurring for the affected user. The freezing issue has been experienced by pro-gamer Kiryu Tsukimiya too.

Some Vita owners are also reporting being unable to boot up their handhelds, despite them being fully charged, while one early adopter has posted pictures of the portable with what appear to be screen "stains" or "spots" on its OLED display.

Has anyone imported a Vita and had it turn up early? If so, tell us about your first experiences in the comments section below.

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[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]