24 games that will define gaming in 2012 - Part 1

Assassins, gangsters and Gods of War...

Big, safe sequels like Uncharted, FIFA and Modern Warfare dominated 2011, but as PS3 and 360 reach maturity, 2012 should be a year of experimentation.

Devs are more comfortable with the hardware and are continually learning new tricks to create exceptional games. Here are the 24 projects, announced or still secret, that define the year. No filler. Just 2012's most exciting or innovative games.

This feature is taken from the latest issues of PSM3 and Xbox World. Order them here and have them delivered straight to your door


Format - Multi
Developer Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher Ubisoft
Release Late 2012
Why is it hot? Rejuvenates AC with a new hero and location


With Ezio's story complete, the end of AC Revelations - which sets up Desmond and (spoiler) Altair's son as the heroes - hints at a shift to Ancient Egypt. However, the first game hinted at Japan, so options are open. Our hope is a multi-city, multi-time story, with Ancient Egypt, Victorian London and Revolutionary Paris.


Format PS3
Developer Team ICO
Publisher Sony
Release 2012
Why is it hot? It's unique, beautiful and will make you cry

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