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Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD

Weird Wild West

Despite being born on PlayStation, the last Oddworld game turned out to an Xbox exclusive. It was a fittingly strange quirk of fate for a series that built its reputation on being bizarre.

Thankfully, the balance is now redressed as Stranger's Wrath HD - six years on - arrives on PS3. And, thankfully for us, it holds up well.

A hybrid of shooter and platformer, Wrath places you in the poncho of the titular Stranger. His job: bagging bounties to pay for an operation - one that's going to cure him of a mysterious affliction.

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What makes the game stand out - apart from the fact you play as a cat-like version of Clint Eastwood and accept bounties for man-sized chicken people - is the ammo you use. It's alive. You hunt it across lush, but admittedly narrow, prairies before using it to capture bounties.

Sounds mad, but it works well, adding to the humour and sense of place. Bolomites (essentially spiders) will wrap up enemies ready for you to bag them, while Zapflies (electrically-charged flies) stun opponents. There's a decent variety of critters to collect, and the depth here comes from picking the right ammo for the right job.

Cut-scenes are still quality, but while levels buzz with colour, they do feel quite empty and corridor-like. Platforming is also perfectly fine, although having to constantly click R3 to enter first-person during combat is a chore.

But Stranger's Wrath remains fantastic value. It's a great remake and a perfect fit for PS3 - the most sensible thing about this quirky gem.

The verdict

Superb - and cheap - HD update for a criminally ignored, highly original action game.

  • A quirky, original hybrid shooter
  • Inventive twists on the Western
  • Seriously good value for money
  • Levels feel a little... empty
  • Having to click R3 to go first-person
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