20 biggest gaming headlines of 2011 - Part 1

PSN breach, Wii U's screen controller and Duke's return...

It's done. Finished. We and the rest of the games industry are sat at home in our jammies playing video games, and there's (hopefully) no more news to be done this side of New Years Day.

Presented live from our living rooms behind a mountain of half-eaten turkey sandwiches then, this was 2011 in headlines...

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1. PSP2 announced, has dual thumbsticks, touchpads, huge screen

January 27, 6:39 am


The story: "Sony has just shown off its 'PSP2' at its PlayStation Meeting event in Japan, codenamed NGP (Next Generation Portable)."

Sony moved to counter Nintendo's impending 3DS launch with the announcement of its own next-generation handheld at the beginning of 2012. Codenamed NGP and shown off with a host of impressive titles including Uncharted, the device that would later become known as Vita hit Japan this month.

2. PlayStation Phone is (finally) official

February 7, 9:12 am


The story: "Sony's finally announced the 'PlayStation Phone' (AKA Xperia Play), with more information arriving in six days."

After literally a year of rumours and leaks - including YouTube footage of people actually using the thing - Sony Ericsson finally got round to announcing the PlayStation Phone, AKA Xperia Play in February. Including support for original PSOne titles, the Xperia Play was eventually released with over 60 titles in April.

3. Confirmed: Activision axes Guitar Hero, True Crime

February 9, 9:32 pm


The story: "Activision has announced the axing of both the Guitar Hero series and promising open-world game, True Crime: Hong Kong."

In one of the biggest shocks of the early half of 2012, Activision announced in an earnings call the axing of what was once one of the biggest franchises in gaming ("We simply cannot make these games profitable given the current market," it said).

In a similarly surprising move the publisher announced the cancellation of promising open-world title True Crime little over a month after CVG flew to Vancouver to see it. Thankfully it was later picked up by Square Enix.

4. Call of Juarez dev's Dead Island resurrected

February 16, 6:15 pm


The story: "After a three year absence, Call of Juarez developer, Techland has released a new, pretty great Dead Island trailer."

After literally years in the wilderness, developer Techland brought its zombie RPG, Dead Island, crashing back into existence in February with a stunning CGI trailer, which has since been copied by other games and even Hollywood movies. Although the actual game arguably didn't live up to the spectacular production, it was definitely one of the most memorable videos of the year.

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5. Video: Farewell Bizarre Creations, 1994 - 2011

February 18, 10:23 am


The story: "Project Gotham developer Bizarre Creations officially closes its doors today, and it's signed off with a touching farewell video, created by video editor Eamon Urtone, chronicling its 17 years making games."

Following disappointing sales of its latest racer Blur, Activision recommended creator Bizarre Creations be closed after failing to find a buyer. The Runcorn-based studio, which CVG had the pleasure to visit many times, was best known for its Project Gotham Racing and Geometry Wars series on Xbox, but was also responsible for multiplatform titles The Club and Blur - which despite what disappointing sales might have you believe is actually a fantastic game.

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