US Nintendo downloads: Original Tetris

The original Game Boy Tetris arrives on 3DS

Nintendo has released the original Game Boy Tetris - a timeless classic - on the US 3DS Virtual Console.


You can grab the original line-making puzzler for $3.99 via the 3DS eShop, and commence humming away to that theme tune for the rest of the day.

It comes as part of an otherwise typical update:

Nintendo eShop

Mighty Switch Force! - Space Hooligans have escaped custody and are wreaking havoc all over Planet Land. HQ calls on cybernetic peace-keeper Patricia Wagon to bring these renegades to justice. (For Nintendo 3DS)

TETRIS - It's easy to pick up, yet impossible to put down! (For Nintendo 3DS)

Nintendo eShop / Nintendo DSiWare

Doodle Fit - Doodle Fit challenges players to fit sets of blocks into a given shape. The game features more than 100 different levels with a variety of unique shapes and nearly 550 solutions in total. (For Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo DSi)

Also new this week:

Rytmik Retrobits (Nintendo eShop / Nintendo DSiWare)
Chronicles of Vampires: Origins (Nintendo eShop / Nintendo DSiWare)
Soccer Up (WiiWare)
Gnomz (demo version) (WiiWare)

Trailers and screens through the source link.

[ SOURCE: Nintendo ]