10 great iPhone and iPad games to distract you this Christmas

A list of a few iOS essentials...

A big family Christmas tends to be a lot more stressful in real life than M&S's adverts would have you believe, with lots of screaming kids, food of varying quality, and films you don't really want to watch. When the Queen's speech comes on, all you really want to do is distract yourself with a good game.

Handily, Apple's App Store is full of good time-wasters, so whether you got an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad for Christmas, or if you had one already, try one of these as a way to keep sane when you're made to watch Miracle on 34th Street. Again.

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World of Goo


This charming physics puzzler takes you on an adventure through a surreal, stylised world as you build structures using Goo Balls to reach the end of a level. It's less disgusting than it sounds, we assure you. The Goo Balls can attach to each other to build scaffolding-like creations that other Goo Balls can travel along. Build all the way to the pipe at the end of the level to send your unused Goo Balls to the World of Goo Corporation to complete the level. If that all sounds a bit weird, then it just means we're describing it properly - it's a funny and bizarre game, but one that's sure to suck you in for hours at a time.

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