Xbox 360 sales top 66 million, Kinect 18 million

Xbox Live users surpass 40 million

Microsoft has sold over 66 million Xbox 360s, and over 18 million Kinect units.


In his keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show last night, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer also announced that Xbox Live users now exceed 40 million, although how many are paying Gold subscribers is unclear.

At last year's show, Xbox 360 stood at 50 million sales, Kinect at eight million, and Xbox Live users at 30 million. Lifetime Xbox 360 sales totalled 57.6 million units as of September 30, meaning around 8.4 million units were sold during the last three months of 2011.

According to VentureBeat, Ballmer expressed pride in Microsoft's achievements in the games business, saying it showed the company at its best. "Did I expect this to happen ten years ago?" he said. "I bet on this ten years ago."

Ballmer also said Kinect will officially launch for PC on February 1.

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[ SOURCE: VentureBeat ]