5 classic games that need to be remade

Bring these games back...

HD remakes - love 'em or hate 'em, they happen, and it's a way for publishers to generate revenue from an old game.

Cynicism aside, HD remakes are a great way to introduce a new generation of gamers to classic titles and HD remakes give us a way to enjoy said classic titles again without making our eyes bleed from the huge pixels.

Here are five classic games that we would love to play again, and want to see remade. Before we begin - no, Final Fantasy VII is not on the list. Get over it.

Dino Crisis


We can't remember the last good game that let us kills dinosaurs. In fact, it probably was Dino Crisis. There aren't enough games with dino-slaying these days. What's wrong with dinosaurs? Dinosaurs are awesome.

For those that have played Dino Crisis, you'll know that it was pretty much Resident Evil... with dinosaurs. So for a remake, we were thinking it would only be natural to just make Resident Evil 4... with dinosaurs.

Or instead of aping Resident Evil, Dino Crisis could do something different and attempt to be its own game. We're not sure whether Capcom would be bothered about trying to shake the "Resident Evil with dinosaurs" moniker that the series has traditionally carried or actually want to do something unique with series.

Given that Resident Evil has gone down a more action-horror route with the more recent titles, perhaps Dino Crisis could fill the survival-horror void.

Of course, there would still be quite a selection of weapons to blast oversized reptiles with, but the game must retain the survival elements, such as limited health and ammo. And keep the cack-your-pants moments like dinos suddenly leaping at your face and you have to mash every button on the controller.

It's not like Dino Crisis wouldn't sell either. Dino Crisis 1 is Capcom's 11th best selling title, as of September 30 2011, which puts it higher than Dead Rising 2, Resident Evil 4 and Devil May Cry. The combined sales of Dino Crisis 1 and 2 put it above Resident Evil 3 Nemesis and Street Fighter 4.

Primarily, we just want a remake because the first game looks and plays pretty badly by today's standards, and we want it to sell well so Capcom makes Dino Crisis 4. And 5.

A new Dino Crisis is long overdue.

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