Capcom has "big plans" for Street Fighter's 25th anniversary

Flagship fighting series turns 25 this year

Capcom's genre-defining fighting series, Street Fighter, turns 25 today, and Capcom's going to shout about it.


Capcom will launch an "international celebration" in 2012 to mark the milestone, with "big plans" that it will detail at a later date.

"For 25 years Street Fighter's iconic hero has wandered the globe in search of the perfect battle, and to commemorate his quest - not to mention the millions of fans who've followed him every step of the way - we're preparing some big plans for 2012," said the publisher on its blog.

"The full details of this international celebration are still to come, but I can at least share the official logo that'll emblazon all related products through the year," said the rep.

That logo is pictured.

It'll also a monumental event this year when the Street Fighter universe clashes with one of its biggest long-time rivals, Tekken, in Street Fighter X Tekken.

[ SOURCE: Capcom Unity ]