BioWare explains SWTOR UI 'bug', dev is hearing your feedback

Texture quality discrepancies and character model changes explained

BioWare's Stephen Reid has issued a lengthy and technical statement clarifying issues that users have had with textures and character models.


First up, Reid explains that the 'medium' texture setting was a 'bug', and should never have been an option in the first place.

"The preferences menu as it is seen on the Public Test Server for version 1.1 of the game is correct - there are only supposed to be two texture choices, 'Low' and 'High'," he explains.

"This replaces the original three-choice preference of Low/Medium/High because in reality, there was never supposed to be a 'Medium' choice - that was a bug."

Reid goes on to explain the reasoning behind character models flicking between ultra-high detail for cutscenes and lower detail for gameplay.

"In comparison to single player games and other genres of multiplayer online games, MMOs have much higher variability in the number of characters that can be potentially rendered on-screen at the same time," says Reid.

"In those scenarios the client (and your PC) has to work hard to show off a lot of characters on-screen.

"In testing, we discovered that using our 'maximum resolution' textures on in-game characters during normal gameplay could cause severe performance issues, even on powerful PCs," he added.

Reid promises the dev team is "exploring options to improve the fidelity of the game", particularly for those of you with high-spec PCs.

"It will be a significant piece of development work and it won't be an overnight change, but we're listening and we're committed to reacting to your feedback," he said.

Check through the link below for the full, technical statement (thanks VG247).

[ SOURCE: Official Site ]