Sony 'encouraged' by recent 3DS sales

Proves there's room in the market for dedicated gaming handhelds, says SCEE boss

Despite Vita arguably making a slow start to life Japan, Sony says it is encouraged by a recent pick-up in 3DS sales.


Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president and CEO Jim Ryan told MCV that Nintendo's success is a good sign for the portable gaming market.

"One of the encouraging things about 3DS' sales performance at Christmas is that it is confounding the naysayers who say that there is no room in the market for a dedicated handheld gaming device," the European PlayStation boss said.

"And to that extent we were encouraged by how 3DS did over the last month.

Ryan also told the site it would be wrong to make forecasts about Vita's UK launch based on its start in Japan.

"One of the things we have learnt over a long period of time, is that whether it is PS1, PS2, PSP or PS3, it is dangerous to the point of impossible to take any experience from the Japanese market and try and extrapolate it, and propose upon what will happen in Europe or North America.

"Not withstanding the fact that it is just way too early to make any conclusions. The markets are now just so different, I actually think they are diverging to a greater extent than they were different in the past - if that's even possible."

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