PS Vita: Europe to edge towards Wi-Fi model, expects Sony

PlayStation boss lays out expectations ahead of handheld's launch

Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House has said he expects European consumers to edge towards the Wi-Fi only Vita model when the portable launches in the West on February 22.


Vita will come in two flavours, a Wi-Fi only model costing £229.99 and a 3G and Wi-Fi capable one priced at £279.99.

Speaking to CVG ahead of the system's Japanese launch last month, House said forecasting which model consumers would favour was "one of the tougher questions to answer right now, because we have not, to date, launched a device in these configurations... so I hesitate to make a strong prediction".

He added: "Speaking for the European market, I would say it would edge much more towards the Wi-Fi version. But in Japan, in contrast, it seems to be leaning much more solidly towards the 3G model.

"Having moved to Japan in the last four months, from London and before that the States, I've been quite surprised by the degree to which Japan doesn't have the greatest access to wireless hot-spots."

According to reports at the beginning of the year, early Japanese sales of the 3G Vita model hadn't lived up to expectations, prompting some retailers to enforce their own discounts on the hardware by knocking as much as 20 percent off Sony's original RRP.

Are you picking up a Vita at launch and if so, which model are you going to plump for? Cast your eyes over our PS Vita review, if you haven't already and don't forget the PS Vita release date is just over one short month away now.

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