Star Wars: The Old Republic - The Ultimate FAQ

Your questions answered. How to get a speeder, craft the best items, upgrade your interface and more

The Old Republic is pretty bad at telling you how to do stuff. Luckily, we're here to help. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about the game. We see people asking this stuff all the time in forums and in general chat. Whether you've been playing the game for hours, or are a complete newbie, you might just learn something useful here.

I'm sick of running everywhere! When and where do I get my speeder?

When you reach level 25, you'll be able to get your own speeder. This increases your movement speed by 90%, which makes a big difference, especially on large planets like Tatooine. The catch? It costs a small fortune.

First, you'll need rank 1 speeder training. As soon as you hit 25, your class trainer will offer this for 40,000 Credits. Then you'll need the speeder itself. The cheapest is 8,000 Credits, and you can either buy it from the fleet, or from a speeder vendor. There's one on Tatooine right next to the Mos Ila taxi point.

It doesn't end there, though. At level 40 you can get rank 2 speeder piloting for 210k, which increases your movement speed by 100%. Then, when you finally reach level 50, you can get rank 3 speeder piloting for 330k, which offers a 110% speed increase. Rank 2 speeders will set you back 25k, and rank 3 ones are about 55k. Can't decide which rank 1 speeder to buy? Check out the video below to see them all in action.

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How long have I been playing the game for?

Type /played in the chat window to find out. This will tell you your time played in the form of days, hours and minutes.

How do I get blue/purple schematics for crafting?

The trick here is to back engineer the green items you make. So if you're using Cybertech and you've made a load of green armour mods, click the reverse engineer button at the top of the inventory screen, then right click on the item. This will reduce them to their component materials, and eventually unlock higher level schematics.


My inventory is getting really full of crafting materials, and I don't have room for regular items. What can I do?

If you've got your personal starship, the good news is that you don't have to carry mats around with you. You can put them in your cargo hold, and your companions will still be able to use them to craft items.

That player I just passed had a nice helmet. How do I find out what it is?

Click on them, then right click on their portrait (the circle that appears to the right of your quickslot), then go to 'additional commands' and select 'inspect player'.


I keep getting negative affection points from my companions during conversations. How do I find out what they like?

Access the mission log by pressing L on your keyboard, then click on the Codex tab at the bottom of the screen. Scroll down to Persons of Note, click on it and then find your companion. Here you'll see a breakdown of all their likes and dislikes. For example, Malavi Quinn, the Sith Warrior companion, likes patriotism for the Empire, but dislikes selfishness and betrayal.

I'm stuck in the scenery! How do I get out?

Don't panic - just type /stuck in the chat window and the game will move you to the nearest safe surface. If you use this and you aren't stuck anywhere, you'll die, so don't try and use it if an enemy knocks you off something.

Should I take Commendations or lockboxes as mission rewards?

We recommend taking commendations. Lockboxes CAN spit out some decent gear, but it's usually green, and there's an equally high chance it'll be junk. Commendations, however, can get you some really decent orange (i.e. moddable) gear back at the fleet. Go to the Supplies wing (find it on your map if you get lost) and you'll find a vendor for each planet in the game.


Can I swap Commendations? I've got a load from Tatooine, but I'd rather have Alderaan ones...

Nope. Commendations are tied to worlds. You can only spend them at the vendor representing the planet where you earned them.

Where do I pick up crew skills?

On the Empire or Republic fleet, look for the Crew Skills wing on the map. Here you'll find a trainer for every available skill. You can have up to three at once, and abandon them at any time.

What crew skills go together?

Every crew skill directly compliments another. For example, materials gathered using Scavenging can be used to make regular (green) items in Cybertech, and materials gathered from Underworld Trading will allow you to make high quality (blue/purple) items. Here's what goes with what...

Armortech - Scavenging, Underworld Trading | Armstech - Scavenging, Investigation | Artifice - Archaeology, Treasure Hunting | Biochem - Bioanalysis, Diplomacy | Cybertech - Scavenging, Underworld Trading | Synthweaving - Archaeology, Underworld Trading

What about Splicing?

Splicing doesn't go with anything in particular, but you can get some really rare purple schematics from it, especially at higher levels. You also make Credits, but at first the returns will be minimal. Stick at it to make the most out of it.

How do I get a title for my character?

Performing certain actions or completing certain quests will earn you Titles. These modify your character name, and can be accessed via the Character screen (C). Look for the dropdown menu next to your name and you'll find your unlocked titles there. For example, complete the Black Talon Flashpoint and you'll get '[yourname] the Merciless', while finishing your first space mission unlocks 'Flyboy [yourname]'.

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