New Resident Evil 6 details emerge from Anniversary Event

Third character and return of 'real zombies' confirmed

Capcom has revealed more details on Resident Evil 6, including a third main character that will accompany Leon and Chris.

In an impressive closer to its Resident Evil Anniversary Premier Party in Shibuya, Tokyo, the publisher dedicated a full stage to the sequel, which leading Capcom figures said has been worked on in secret for years and is aiming to be the "ultimate horror entertainment".

Executive producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi discussed Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield as two playable character, along with a third mystery man, who is unnamed but described as "the man who's told to save the world."

new 'Javo' enemy

A picture of the third character was revealed, along with a picture of a new 'Javo' enemy creature, which will have an 'even greater impact than the zombies.'

Speaking of zombies, Kobayashi confirmed the return of the classic Resident Evil threat, saying there are 'many secrets' surrounding this game's prime pistol-fodder.

They highlighted two key concepts that will help their 'ultimate horror' goal, those being 'The fear that lies ahead', implying a return to classic jump-scare tactics, and 'Everything is overwhelming'.

Regarding details on the game's story, it begins in America involving the President making a statement about bioterror, before a bioterror attack occurs, turning him into a zombie and setting up the harrowing scene at the beginning of the trailer.

Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi said the game has the largest staff count in the series history; a figure of 150 people that jumps to over 600 when counting all other contributors.