Medal of Honor 2: What we want to see

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Tell the story properly


The plot of Medal of Honor was based on Operation Anaconda but a lot of the events that took place during this mission were rewritten for the game. The second level has you playing as Rabbit, an American soldier, as he and his team take the Bagram airfield back from the Taliban. In reality it was British SBS at the Bagram airfield, and they didn't take the airfield, they helped the Northern Alliance prevent the Taliban from getting hold of it.

Along with the British, the Australian SASR also played key roles in the battle, but Medal of Honor neglects acknowledge the involvement of either. We just feel that if you're going to base your game on real events, then actually stay true to reality and tell the proper story, or you might as well just create fiction from scratch.

In Medal of Honor 2, we'd like the game to illustrate the multinational efforts of the war. Perhaps we could even play as Brits or Aussies for a mission or two. It would be something different at least, and how many other games let you play as British or Australian soldiers? Very few these days.

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