Wii U: Shift dev's Project CARS confirmed

Slightly Mad Studios confirms racing game for Nintendo console

A Wii U version of Project CARS is seemingly in development, with developer Slightly Mad Studios having stuck a logo for Nintendo's new console on some artwork for the game featured on its website.


The development process is slightly mad in more than name; the game has yet to be picked up by a publisher, so Slightly Mad invited community members to invest in the project, as well as write code, in exchange for a share of its revenue on release.

The team mentioned in a blog post, which includes the trailer below, its plans to implement night lighting, tyre deformation, dynamic weather, multiplayer and pit-to-car radio features.

Slightly Mad Studios has been very busy recently, with reports last week suggesting it's also working on Test Drive: Ferrari. The news arrived with a slew of screenshots.

The last game to be announced officially for Wii U was Dragon Quest X all the way back in September.

The trailer below shows the progress Slightly Mad Studios has made on Project CARS, and gives Nintendo racing fans an option other than shells and karts.

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