Mass Effect 3: EA to bundle DLC with action figures

Each figure to contain "different in-game content exclusive to US"

EA looks set to bundle various Mass Effect 3 downloadable content packs with action figures in North America.


According to US toy specialist BigBadToyStore (via MCV), the range of figures will carry a price of $17.99 individually or $67.99 for all four, and come bundled with "different in-game content".

"Each figure includes an in-pack card giving you access to downloadable in-game bonus content," the blurb reads. "Each figure contains different in-game content, exclusive to North American released product."

The featured characters are Miranda, Garrus, Mordin and Legion. Each is between 6.7-7.25 inches high.

There's no word yet on whether these figures will make it over to Europe, but MCV recommends this particular retailer as import friendly.

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