DiRT Showdown gets first gameplay video

Arcade 'spin-off' mixes Gymkhana with Destruction Derby

Codemasters has released the first gameplay footage of DiRT Showdown.


Showdown is described as "an arcade-style spin-off" that takes the extreme-sports elements of Dirt 2, mixes in the Gymkhana events from Dirt 3, and then lobs in Destruction Derby action for good measure.

The game takes place in Codies' extreme-sports-enthused "theatre of racing," with new stunt- based Hoonigan events on offer, as well as Need for Speed Autolog-style challenges you can send to your friends.

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Controversially, handling has been changed for "a simpler arcade feel that should make keeping your car on the track and performing outrageous stunts much easier."

Speaking to CVG after the game's announcement, Codies designer Mike Chapman claimed the racing franchise has "outgrown a single game" and promised it will return to pure rally gameplay with the next numbered instalment.