Play as Rooney, Petr Cech in Tiger Woods 13

Blockbuster gets exclusive DLC for pre-order customers

Blockbuster is about to give Tiger Woods 13 pre-order customers the PGA Tour feature they always wanted; the ability to play as James Milner.


As part of its exclusive pre-order DLC pack, those who put money down early for the new Tiger Woods entry will receive footballers and other sports stars to hit the green with.

The first pack will deliver Premier League players Wayne Rooney, James Milner, Theo Walcott and Petr Cech (see screens on this page), but oddly no Carlos Tevez, who must have a beastly handicap by now.

The second includes ice hockey legend Jeremy Roenick, football Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk, basketball star Dwight Howard and boxer Sugar Ray Leonard.

James Morton, head of games at Blockbuster UK said: "This is the start of an exciting year for Blockbuster customers. We will continue to provide customers with unbeatable content which no-one else can offer and are delighted to be able to reveal the pre-order extras that will be available with Tiger Woods PGA Tour through our continued relationship with EA."

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 is out on March 30.